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Nostalgia - the music book from the CD Nostalgia

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About the Nostalgia book

This new book contains 13 Scores from 13 tracks from the Nostalgia CD
 + 1 bonus score
CD Track Score
Track 1 Dry your tears
Track 3 Goya
Track 4 Sempre Intorno
Track 5 Graeserite
Track 7 Carolus Borromeus Impressions
Track 8 Para Ella
Track 9 Scent of a woman
Track 12 Castillo de Lloret
Track 14 De Paardenvisser
Track 16 Rioja
Track 17 Reverie
Track 18 Time to say goodbye
Track 19 El Inalcanzable
Bonus Walking on a rainbow
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The following CD tracks have already been published by Metropolis Belgium: Nostalgia (track 1) and Into the light (track 5), from the book "Autumn colors". Romance (track 13) and Dreams (track 15) from the book "From the heart". Hanaikada (track 11) en Hanafubuki (track 10) from the book "Tokaido Road".

These books can be ordered via this website from Metropolis: 

All books can be purchased at the guitar shop in Belgium : 


The Tokaido Road
The Tokaido Road
Scores inspired by a bicycle
trip in Japan
Autumn colors
From the Heart
4 Romantic pieces
Hanaikada and Hanafubuki Nostalgia and Into the Light Dreams and Romance

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The publications are for sale at reasonable prices, nice thick paper, a beautiful cover and pieces of high artistic quality. If you want to play a title, please buy the book. It will give you years of fun and you show your appreciation directly to the composer and publisher, who's time and effort have gone into its creation and distribution.

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