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Himawari is a musical duo represented by Japanese opera singer Sayaka Nakashima and the Belgian classical guitarist/composer Alain Selhorst
We enjoy performing and believe that the voice and guitar combine well.
We play classical and more modern music too, including
our own compositions or arrangements to create a unique sound.
Sayaka Nakajima was born in Tokyo and studied at the Kunitachi College of music.  She performs often in operas and teaches singing.
Her voice range is Mezzo-soprano.

Alain Selhorst was born in Antwerp and started playing the classical guitar at the age of 11. He studied at the musical academy of Antwerp.
As a composer he has published many music books for the guitar and released a CD with his music. He also teaches the guitar.

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  • Sayaka Nakashima
  • Alain Selhorst
  • Sayaka Nakashima
  • Alain Selhorst
  • Himawari Duo
  • Himawari Duo
  • Himawari Duo

Next planned Concert

10 October 2015 : Chez-Mikawa restaurant, Tokyo

Last Concert

4 April 2015: Chez-Mikawa restaurant, Tokyo

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Sayaka Nakashima

Alain Selhorst

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